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Coming Soon: Theatre Venues, Improved Rehearsal Schedule Design

I (Daniel) can't resist telling you about some of the exciting new features coming to Cast98 in 2017. Not only do I have high hopes to launch an all-new ticketing application that will supplement member studios' efforts to boost ticket sales, but I am also jazzed about these "coming soon" basic features:

  • Performer resumes and headshots
  • Show options to allow late audition signups and set an attendee limit per time slot
  • Brand new, mobile-optimized web design
  • Enhanced show editing panels, optimized for tablets and other touch-screen devices
  • Venues! Sweet, beautiful venue profiles!
  • Studio Archives, a repository for documents that need to be passed down from show to show (think set design notes, safety guidelines, theatre rules, volunteer waiver forms, etc.)

It looks like a short list, sure, but it's going to be a tremendous year for Cast98 member studios and performers! I am pumped about 2017 and I hope you are too!

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