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Show Managers


Having show managers on a show can alleviate the burden of managing the show by sharing the responsibility of building the cast list and the rehearsal schedule.

How To Add a Co-Director

By default, whoever posted the show originally is a director of the show and it is their responsibility to add additional show managers as needed.

A co-director must have a Cast98 user profile and be connected to the studio in order to be added as a co-director on one of the studio's shows.

There are three ways a user can connect to a studio so that the director can add them as a co-director:

  1. Go to the studios index, find and click on the studio, then click Add Favorite.
  2. Go Backstage and click Manage Favorites. Find the studio, check the box next to it, and Save Changes.
  3. Submit the audition form for the current show.

Co-Director Privileges

A co-director for a show has all the same privileges as the person who posted the show originally.

These privileges include:

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